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Viezh Robert

4.5 March 26, 2023

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Dianne Russell

5 March 26, 2023

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Devon Lane

4 March 26, 2023

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Ronald Richards

5 March 26, 2023

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4.5 March 26, 2023

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Jacob Jones

4.5 March 26, 2023

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Theresa Webb

4.5 March 26, 2023

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Eleanor Pena

4.5 March 26, 2023

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Bessie Cooper

4.5 March 26, 2023

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Focus Eye Care and Surgery review summary

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5on Google,Mar 25, 2023


Dr G and her staff are SIMPLY THE BEST! In 2022, I went there for a routine eye exam and found out that I had Angle Closure Glaucoma. I was asymptomatic and my previous visit to Visionworks didn’t find this condition. I had never heard of this condition before. After doing my own research, I found out that Dr. G was honest, caring and correct about the urgency of getting laser surgery. I could have went blind. Dr. G. and her staff are caring, good listeners, patient oriented, very short wait time, highly professional, clean office, etc. I was so nervous and they calmed me down. The laser surgery Dr. G performed was successful no side effects. My 2023, follow up visit was successful. THANK YOU! DR.G AND STAFF OF FOCUS EYE CARE AND SURGERY 8626 QUEENS BLVD, ELMHURST, QUEENS, NEW YORK

5on Google,Mar 24, 2023


I normally don’t write good reviews but this place definitely needs 5 stars. The clinic is beautiful and clean. The staff are great and my doctor always helps me out. This is the eye clinic you want to go to.

5on Google,Mar 22, 2023


Excellent professionals, very kind and friendly.

5on Google,Mar 16, 2023

I was able to get an appointment the very next day when i called. Although there were many people waiting everything went smoothly. Staff was very nice and the facility was very clean and sanitized. Would recommend anyone to come here for their eye care needs.

5on Google,Mar 16, 2023


Very thorough with x-rays, tests, and discussion of results, with options offered for solutions.

5on Google,Mar 15, 2023


Dr. Ghaznawi and the staff were all exemplary.

5on Google,Mar 15, 2023


Professional and pleasant experience. Extremely satisfied. Love the office artwork!

5on Google,Mar 14, 2023

Ronald E

Excellent Ophthalmologist! Provides detailed explanation and seems genuinely concerned with the patient. Staff were attentive and pleasant to me, no complaints. Recommended

5on Google,Mar 13, 2023


Doctor Neelofar has a great bedside manner she's kind listened and addressed all my concerns. The office is very clean and the waiting time was great, staff is friendly and welcoming. I would definitely recommend this office to my friends and family.

5on Google,Mar 08, 2023


I had a great experience with Dr Neelofar. Friendly and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend to everyone.

5on Google,Mar 08, 2023


She is a fine doctor—lknowlegeable and respectful.

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