Octopus 600

What is it?

Octopus 600 is a Swiss medical device manufactured by Haag-Streit to measure your visual field, also known as perimetry. It is a rapid screening machine with easy-to-read analysis software. The machine is integrated with the EyeSuite software that lets your doctor incorporate all your test information across multiple machines. It is a patient-friendly machine for the early detection of visual field abnormalities.

How does it work?
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    Octopus 600 performs the central field, static, white-on-white perimetry, a commonly used measure of visual testing for glaucoma. 

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    Static perimetry involves illuminating an immobile object in your field of vision. For white-on-white perimetry, a white stimulus is projected onto a white background. It tests the central visual field, analyzing the central 24 degrees of the visual field. 

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    The central vision is the most important part of your vision used to read, see pictures, recognize faces, and drive.

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    The integrated EyeSuite progression analysis can reveal if the changes are significant, if they are localized or diffused, and the rate at which it is happening.  

What are its uses?

Octopus 600 is used for perimetry. This lets your doctor figure out if there are any blind spots in your field of vision. It also helps to determine the shape and location of such blind spots. 

Blind spots can help diagnose eye diseases and any brain disorder that may affect vision. The central 24-degree, white-on-white perimetry testing can also identify visual field defects as a result of certain drugs.

Perimetry can help your doctor locate the lesion that is causing your vision defect. It can also help to monitor the changes brought on by diseases and the effects of treatment over time. 

Glaucoma, vascular diseases, tumors, retinal diseases, inflammatory processes, nutritional deficiencies, and visual field defects as a result of drugs and toxins can be picked up by Octopus 600. Visual field tests can also diagnose issues with your eyelid.

The 4-in-1 and 7-in-1 printout offered by Octopus 600 makes a detailed record of the visual field for comparison with future test results.

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What to expect while undergoing the test with the machine?

To perform the test, you will be asked to sit in front of the machine. Lights will flash while you stare at the center of the instrument. Every time you see the white light flash, you will have to press a button. The software will record the spots of each flash. At the end of the test, it will reveal if there are areas in your field of vision where you did not see the flash.

Are there any side effects?
There are no side effects with perimetry testing using Octopus 600.

What are the advantages?

With a one-minute screening time, Octopus 600 is one of the fastest perimetry machines that can quickly distinguish between normal and abnormal visual fields.

The EyeSuite software simplifies the work of your doctor so that they can save time, reduce errors, and efficiently focus on your disease. The software also stores all your valuable medical data, so that the next visit to your ophthalmologist is seamless.

How to prepare for the test?
Always bring glasses that you wear to your perimetry testing. The procedure does not require dilation of the pupil, so no specific preparations are necessary.